SQL Queries

Explore key SQL operations covering table creation, data retrieval, insertion, updating, altering, deleting, and dropping for a robust database foundation.

Learn the art of creating tables with constraints to enhance database organization and integrity.

Dive into advanced SQL operations, including selecting data, updating records, altering table structures, deleting entries, renaming elements, and truncating tables.

Strengthen your SQL skills with targeted exercises focusing on data selection and updating, complete with detailed answers.

Delve into various SQL functions such as INITCAP for capitalization, SUBSTR for substring extraction, TO_CHAR for formatting, NEXT_DAY for date manipulation, and more.

Elevate your querying proficiency by mastering SQL aggregate functions, efficient data grouping with GROUP BY, refined filtering using HAVING, and strategic use of operators.

Gain insights into SQL constraint implementation, encompassing primary keys, foreign keys, check constraints, unique constraints, and not null constraints for data integrity assurance

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